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What are Illumiglo Gauges?

     Illumiglo gauges are made from the same micro-technology used by Timex on their Indiglo Watches.  Illumiglo is our Brand name for our Motorcycle gauges.
     Our gauges have a
Pure-White face during the day which is excellent
for show purposes, or just a great way to add a trick look to your bike. All gauges are made of a very High Quality flexible plastic material. Illumiglo gauges are self-illuminating, and will cover up any stock lighting in order to illuminate properly. Best of all, Illumiglo gauges DO NOT REQUIRE NEEDLE REMOVAL*. Thats right, we designed the gauges to slip over and under the needles requiring absolutely no needle removal what so ever.      
     Our Illumiglo gauges connect to a 12 volt Inverter(supplied with gauge set), which allows the gauges to be powered through your bike.  There is very minor wiring involved in the installation process, which consists of a positive and a negative hookup. The Positive(RED WIRE) and Negative(BLACK WIRE) are reccomended to be hooked to the bike's headlight / parking lights' power source. The Average customer can install a gauge set within 45-60 minutes, and ANY customer who feels comfortable with doing so can install a gauge set themselves.  We do however reccomend professional installation for those who do not know what they are doing.
     Illumiglo gauges are available in two different styles:

  • Standard Style
  • Reverse Style

Available Upgrades:

     There is an upgrade availble for select models of our Illumiglo Gauges.  This upgrade is especially meant for people who thoroughly wet down their bikes, as the included inverter is not 100% Water proof. We strongly reccomend upgrading should you expect to possibly get the inverter control wet, as water damage will void the warranty on the inverter.

6-Color Inverter:
     Select Standard Style gauge sets can be upgraded with a 6-Color Inverter, to where you will then be able to select 3 different shades of Blue and 3 different shades of Green.  Other features include a Digital Touch Pad and 100% waterproof. 

Digital Inverter:
Select Reverse Style gauge sets can be upgraded with a Digital Inverter, to where you will then have a Digital Touch Pad and the Inverter will be 100% waterproof.

How do I install Glow Gauges?
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How do I install an Integrated Tail light?
  Clear Alternatives.com

Click here for a Printer-Friendly Version of Integrated Tail light Instructions

Wiring diagram:      Black wire (Negative) / Green wire (Brake wire) / Red wire (Running wire)

Connect the yellow wires to the positive turn signal wires using provided red connectors or alternately use your existing factory connectors.  Ground wire is not needed unless you are using resistors to slow down the blink rate.  (The ground wire is the same color wire used on both turn signals).  To slow down the blinking rate use provided resistors.  Connect one end of resistor to the yellow wire and the other end of resistor to the negative turn signal wire.

Note:  You can use an electrical variable load flasher.  These flashers are sold for $9.99.  Click here for instructions on how to install.
Resistors are not needed if you choose to use the variable load flashers.

Problem:    The unit is not working, I get no power (Running light nor the brake light comes on)
Solution:    Check to make sure connector is properly connected.  Make sure the pins inside the connector is pushed up to the top
                   of the connector.   The pins inside the connector must make contact with the pins inside your factory connector.
Soluton:     Check to make sure the me
tal pin inside the connector is crimped through the plastic covering over the black  wire.

Problem:    My turn signals stay on and do not blink.
Solution:    Either your front signals have been changed, removed, or disconnected.  If so, the resistor is needed.

Problem:    My turn signal on one side stays lit all the time.
Solution:    You have connected the turn signal to your license plate light connector.
Solution:    Use the provided resistors

Problem:    My turn signals seem dim
Solution:    Check and make sure you connected the turn signal wires to the positive and not the ground wires.

Problem:    My running light works but my brake light does work.
Solution:    Check and make sure that the metal pin inside the connector is crimped through the plastic covering over the green wire.

Problem:    My brake light works but my running light does not work.
Solution:    Check and make sure that the metal pin inside the connector is crimped through the plastic covering over the red wire.

Problem:    My turn signals blink too fast.
Solution:    Either replace your flasher unit w/ a variable load flasher or use the provided resistors. 
Click here for instructions on how to install.

Problem:    The resistors heat up.
Solution:    Resistors will generate heat as it is designed to replace your bulbs.  We recommend you mount away from any plastic
                   or painted surfaces.

Problem:    My turn signals do not cancel my running/brake light when my brakes are applied.
Solution:    This may be the case for Kawasaki's.  We recommend that you change the flasher unit with a
                    Variable Load flasher.  These can be found at any local auto parts stores and cost about $2.00.  The flasher is located on
                    left side underneath the seat.
Click here for instructions on how to install.

Some simple problems may occur on Honda's from year 2000-2005.  These problems may include the following:

1.  My fuses keep blowing
2.  One side of the taillight does not work

Solution:  Please check the wiring connection on the bulb socket (Black piece that your bulbs plug into).  This piece has a white connector that plugs into the back.  There are 3 wires that go into the white connector;  Yellow/green stripe - Running wire, Brown wire - ground wire, Green wire - brake wire.  Make sure the white connector plugs into the black socket with the green wire facing the same side as the work "LOCK" (Pictured with a red circle).    Make sure both connectors (right side and left side) are connected the same.  After this procedure, plug in our taillight and start the bike.  If the light does not illuminate or only one side illuminates, just un-plug our connector, turn the connector 180 degrees and try again.   

Please note.  You can perform a diagnostic test for the turn signals.  Plug in the unit and touch each yellow wire with a power source.  If the turn signals activate (by
staying lit) then the unit is fine.


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